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“The children in this story learn that seemingly ugly creatures are beautiful and worthwhile—a valuable lesson for all of us. My four children enjoyed this book, full of scientific facts about nature, moral considerations, mild suspense, and attractive illustrations. They listened rapt from start to finish. The Great Carp Escape has something for children of all ages to love and parents to appreciate as well. A fun family read!”
~ Erin E. M. Hatton, award winning author of Otherworld and Across the Deep

“Great job. What a fun and positive story… The problem was set up well and the solution (for saving the carp) was exactly what was required. Although with a minimal Google search, many great carp recipes can be found.”
~ Actor/Author Timothy (James) Bergmann A Long Walk To The Cross/The Terris Trilogy

“The Great Carp Escape truly captures the magic between children and nature. The story paints a beautiful picture of how all creatures on earth are God-given and that compassion shouldn’t be based on popularity or defined beauty. This delightful and touching story carries such an important message of acceptance and simple joy. A pleasure to read and surely a popular addition to any child’s home library.”
~ Lisa Taron, The Pet Blog Lady

“What a delightful story! So beautifully done! The Great Carp Escape is a lovely little adventure book. Beautifully illustrated, this book helps children realize God values all His creatures, even the ugly ones. I highly recommend this book for that precious bedtime story hour. Your children will love it!”
~ Darlene Hull, author of The Nectar Effect

“What a beautiful book to illustrate to children that God loves us all no matter what we look like.”
~ Laura J. Davis, author of Learning from the Master, Come to Me, and He Who Has an Ear

“This delightful story of children discovering fish who are in trouble models empathy and resourcefulness. Kids will learn that every creature is special and there are things they can do to help care for creation. Beautiful illustrations bring the story to life. The Great Carp Escape would make a wonderful addition to any personal, church or home school library.”
~ Violet Nesdoly author of Destiny’s Hands, free-lance writer, educator

“Irish Beth Maddock has written a simple story with a sound message in The Great Carp Escape. Although carp are not particularly attractive, they are one of God’s creatures and in their way have a certain sort of beauty that is all their own. It is impossible not to be drawn into this story without fully appreciating the rich colors and awesome detail. A simple message with profound meaning and illustrated beautifully, The Great Carp Escape is a great addition to any child’s book collection.”
~ Bill Howard for Reader’s Favorite

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